The Squerly Pine (Site #5)

The Squerly Pine (Site #5)

The Squerly Pine is a large back-in site at one end of Deer Springs RV Park and will accommodate an RV up to 45′ in length.   Your gazebo and picnic table are on the same level as your RV, and the dog park is not far away.   This site also comes with a Solo Bonfire Firepit.

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On the drivers side of your RV is a walkway that takes you up a slight incline to your leisure area under the branches of a large White Pine tree.  Here you have another picnic table to enjoy lunch or to have evening drinks beside your fire ring with cooking grate.

We have set up The Squerly Pine with the main firepit farther away from your RV, for those who don’t want the fire source too close to their RV or the smoke to become bothersome.

But there are times when you may want a more subtle fire, and still be close to home, so to speak.  In that case, we include a Solo Bonfire Firepit for you to use during your stay.  Set it where you want and enjoy a warm, smokeless, fire experience.  The Solo Bonfire’s design creates an efficient burn that’s not only mesmerizing to watch but a joy to sit around and make memories.

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Per night / 7 nights / 30 nights

Summer 2023 Rates — $70 / $65 / $60
Fall — $75

Payment in full is required when reserving a site.   (Refund Policy)


You will be visiting a rural area, and there are no commercial WiFi or Internet services available. As such, we use Starlink for our Internet access, and because Starlink had no data caps, we were able to absorb the costs of providing it at no cost to our visitors. But on December 1st, 2022, Starlink imposed data caps, which requires we monitor the parks data usage to insure we don’t exceed our Starlink data cap.

In an effort to continue providing free Internet, we have blocked streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, etc., as they are the main source of data consumption. You will still have access to your emails, Facebook, Pinterest, and all your other favorite social media sites.

If you feel you need streaming services during your visit, you can purchase Premium Internet for $5.00 a day, which will give you the ability to stream most services.

The quality of streaming is beyond our control as the Starlink service depends on availability of satellites in an area as well as the volume of traffic those satellites are handling at any give time.

You may purchase Premium Internet at checkout time.

Prices start at: $70 per night (+taxes and fees)



The online booking system has been temporarily disabled while we migrate to a new booking solution.   If you would like to book a site, please contact us at (828) 349-5440 or email us at

Thank you!