Deer Springs RV Park in the Smoky Mountains near Franklin NC

Pricing / Terms

Pricing / Terms

Pricing / Terms of Service:

Summer  rates – April 1st- last day of September
Fall rates – October 1st – last day of October
Early Winter rates – November 1st – last day of November.

Please Note:

    • No sites may be reserved for longer than 16 days consecutively.
    • Payment in full is required when reserving a site.

If you are unable to keep your reservation, our refund policy is as follows:  

    • If you contact us within 14 days of your reservation date, and if we are able to rent your space to another visitor, the full amount you paid will be credited to a future stay.
    • Future reservations must be used within the following 365 days.


  • Nightly – Each site is different, and pricing will be different as well.   To view individual site pricing, please view the sites under the “RV Sites” menu link.

All sites have full hookups, picnic table, fire ring and private gazebo.  Gazebo’s are equipped with counter, sink / running water and a refrigerator with ice maker.  Equipment can and will fail, and there are no refunds given if components fail while you are visiting.

Water is turned off during the colder months or when there is chance of freezing.

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Check-In / Check-Out:

  • Check-out is 11:00am / Check-in is 1:00pm   –  This is strictly enforced!
  • Some of today’s rigs are HUGE, and as there is only one way in and one way out of Deer Springs RV Park, we need all departing guests to be out the main gate by 11:00 am so as not to conflict with incoming traffic.  If you have a toad to connect, please start the process early so that you will be ready to roll before check-out time.
  • Late Departures may be charged an additional night.
  • Check-in’s are not allowed after dark.  If you arrive after dark, you will need to park on the main road (inside the park) until morning when we can get you safely into your site.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • When you leave, please clean up your campsite!  If you smoke, pick up your cigarette butts.  Wipe down the gazebo counters, dump the extra ice in the freezer, and wipe down any of the food preparation areas in the gazebo.  Please leave things as good (or better) than you found them when you arrived!

We haven’t made these rules to infringe on your visit, we’ve made them to ensure that someone else doesn’t ruin your visit with their poor behavior.  


  • We are a Dog Friendly Park, but for the safety of everyone, all dogs must be leashed when in, or around, the parkPlease, do not leave your doggies unattended!
  • If your dogs bark a lot, or constantly bark at people walking by your site, please keep them inside your RV.
  • You certify that your pets are up to date with ALL vaccines.
  • There are Pet Poop receptacles throughout the park, please use them. We love your pet but we don’t want our guests to step in his poop!
  • You are ultimately responsible for the actions of your pet.  if you have a dog that doesn’t play well with others, you MUST keep him/her inside your RV.


  • Free firewood is provided for the length of your stay and can be picked up at the entrance to Main Street.  Please be respectful of this perk and don’t be wasteful.
  • Fires are allowed in the provided fire-rings ONLY.
  • Fires are for s’mores and ghost stories, not for burning trash.




Drones are allowed as long as you don’t bother the other guests.  If someone complains, whether warranted or not, you must cease flying the drone.  

Please fly within legal limits and know that if you crash your drone in the woods, it will probably never be found.

Other Rules

  • NOTHING is allowed on the grass except lawn chairs! 
  • Quiet hours are from 10:00pm – 7:00am, and are enforced by our staff.  Please be courteous to the other guests staying throughout the site.
  • Please respect the privacy of the other guests.  Do not walk through occupied campsites!
  • The speed limit throughout the resort is 5mph
  • Fireworks and/or discharging of firearms.
  • Washing vehicles.
  • Portable hot tubs.
  • Destruction or property, flowers and/or landscaping. 
  • You are responsible for, and promise to pay for, any damage to the Deer Springs RV Park property, or any property of the guests that you, your guests or your pets, may cause damage to.


  • Deer Springs RV Park is a new park and will be undergoing ongoing development for the first year or so. Please be aware that certain features of the park may not be complete at the time of your visit. If you have concerns or questions about the park, please check with us before booking. You may use the contact form on the “Contact” page or send us an email to
  • Entrance onto park property constitutes permission for Deer Springs RV Park employees to photograph and/or video all guests while on the premises and to use any resulting media for any lawful purpose without compensation to guests.
  • Guests assume all risks and danger incidental to the activity of camping in an outdoor environment including specifically (but not exclusively) the danger of being injured by insects or other animals and agrees that the Deer Springs RV Park and its owners, agents and employees are not liable for injuries or property damages resulting from such causes.

Campground Park Map

We are in a rural area and guests MUST arrive before dark or you will not be allowed in the park.  This is for the safety of everyone as the park is very dark when the sun goes down.