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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy - A brief explanation . . .

With the growing number of families looking to enjoy a week in the wild, camping sites are getting harder to find.  As such, the savvy campers are taking a proactive stance and booking sites well in advance.  Done for the right reasons, this is a smart move. 

But some campers are booking the same dates at multiple parks, and then canceling the unwanted reservation when they decide which one bests suits their needs.  What’s worse, sometimes they don’t even bother to cancel, they just don’t show up.

When this happens, we are left with empty sites and often there is no chance to recoup the lost site rental.  We originally tried to offset this trend by implementing a non-refundable deposit, and this helped to some degree.  But someone who books for a longer stay, or books at one of the more expensive sites, will often have no problem walking away from their deposit as they just look at it as “site insurance”. 

Deer Springs RV Park only has 8 sites total, and cancellations or no-shows can be quite damaging.   So, after several times of being stood up, we started asking for full payment up front.  We’re sorry to have to implement this policy, but it’s the  group of inconsiderate people who are driving the need.  

If you have to cancel your reservation and you give us enough notice that we can re-book your site, we will give you a 100% credit toward a future stay.   We feel this is fair as it ensures the site you have chosen will be available for your visit, and it protects us when a camper decides to walk away from his reservation.