Image of the gazebo with people having dinner at the table.

The Deer Springs Experience

The Deer Springs Experience

Image of the gazebo with people having dinner at the table.

What sets RV Parks in Franklin apart?

It's in what we do and how we do it.

Deer Springs RV Park in Franklin NC is a remote outdoor experience, so you’re not going to find a heated swimming pool or gym. 

What you will find, however, are large RV sites with full hookups, Free and Premium WiFi and the kinds of amenities that turn a camping trip in the mountains, into a Glamping trip in the mountains.  

We have made a concerted effort to create a camping environment that eliminates the complaints you have when visiting other RV parks. 


So here's what we do . . .

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We have limited our Full Hookups to 12 sites.

Limiting our park to 12 Full Hookup sites allows us to provide larger spaces and a more open setting for our visitors.

Premium Plus sites like “The Oak(picture to the left) and The Woods“, (two pictures immediately below) are huge sites, with plenty of room to move around, throw a frisbee or just sit back and enjoy the beauty of Deer Springs RV Park.    

RV Park in the Smoky Mountains

The “Holly Tree” (the two pictures immediately above), is a pull-through site with a raised gazebo and an attached 12×14 deck.    These above 3 sites all have railings enclosing the deck area, so that your furry friends can spend some “off-leash” time with you while you enjoy early morning coffee or end-of-the-day refreshments.    

The site you book is the site you get!

View each or our sites on our website, pick the site you want, and book it.  When you get here, that’s the site you will be in. 

There is no juggling around and no “Site Lock Guarantee” requirements.  The site you picked is the site you will be in.


Private Gazebos

Sites 1-8 are equipped with a gazebo with Counter, Sink with Running Water, a Refrigerator with Ice Maker, and a Ceiling Fan with Light. This isn’t your average outdoor space, it’s an outdoor haven for convenience and comfort.

Transitioning from a simple outdoor shelter to a culinary station, you can store your food, drinks, and other supplies in the gazebo’s handy refrigerator. When the sizzling aroma of the BBQ beckons, you’ll find everything right where you need it. With this setup, there’s no need to trek back and forth from your RV for a quick snack or a chilly beverage.

Moreover, let’s not forget the value of having free ice in the freezer. Nothing beats the simplicity of reaching into your freezer for a handful of ice cubes to chill your drink on a warm day! It’s the little conveniences like these that make your stay in our gazebo truly enjoyable.

Picnic Table and Firepit at every site.

  • Each of our sties has a picnic table w/umbrella and a firepit.  And sometimes two, as some of the larger sites have both a firepit and a Solo Bonfire Firepit.
  •  NOTE: In North Carolina, the movement of firewood to and within campgrounds is highly regulated due to the risk of spreading invasive pests that can harm the state’s forests.  As such, we offer competitively priced firewood that you can buy when you arrive.  
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The Wilderness Loop

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The place to be for Fall colors!
  • Elevation: 3,600 Feet
  • Number of camping sites: 4
  • Amenities: Full Hookups, Picnic Tables, Fire Rings

This picturesque setting is ideal for friends and fellow travelers eager to forge unforgettable connections. 

Embrace the serene ambiance and create memories that last a lifetime.

To maintain the park’s tranquil and spacious atmosphere, “The Wilderness Loop” has been intentionally limited to just four sites. This ensures that each site has plenty of room, preserving the area’s peaceful charm.

Located in a stunningly scenic area, each site offers equally magnificent views and identical amenities, ensuring a consistent quality of experience for all visitors. While every site shares these high standards, their individual charm and appeal are best appreciated in person. This personal exploration allows visitors to choose their preferred spot based on personal taste and a felt connection with the surroundings.

Enjoy the "Pines Pavilion", a pavilion that you will actually use!

Stepping into ‘The Pines Pavilion,’ a cozy 16X16 pavilion, you’ll find it’s the perfect size for you and your guests to gather and create unforgettable memories. This intimate space sets the stage for quality time, providing a welcoming atmosphere for everyone.


Nestled snugly between three towering Pine Trees, the pavilion boasts a commanding view of the park. As the day breaks, it becomes the perfect spot to watch the sunrise, letting its warmth greet you in the morning.

Transitioning into the afternoon, those very same Pine Trees act as nature’s parasols, offering a sheltered haven from the sun. Consequently, this makes for an idyllic spot to relax, kick back, and watch the park’s activities unfurl below.

As evening matures into night, you’re invited to catch your favorite game on the flat-panel TV. Simultaneously, the crackling warmth of the wood-burning fireplace rounds out your day, adding a touch of homely comfort to your experience at “The Pines Pavilion”.

And this, is the Deer Springs Experience. . .