Internet Availability

Internet Availability

Premium Internet

You will be visiting a rural area, and there are no commercial WiFi or Internet services available.  As such, we use Starlink for our Internet access.  And you will not be disappointed with the service! 

Originally, Starlink had no data caps, and we were able to absorb the costs of providing it at no cost to our visitors.  But on December 1st, 2022, Starlink imposed data caps, which requires we monitor the parks data usage to insure we don’t exceed our Starlink data cap.

In an effort to continue providing free Internet, we have blocked streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, etc., as they are the main source of data consumption.  You will still be able to make Wi-Fi calls, access your emails, and browse Facebook, Pinterest, and all your other favorite social media sites.

If you find that our Free Internet isn’t doing what you need, you can purchase Premium Internet for $5.00 a day, which will give you the ability to stream movies and other streaming services.     If you wish to purchase Premium Internet, please contact the park host or call us at (828) 349-5440.

Please NOTE:

  • Premium Internet Service is capped at 10 GB usage per day.    Data usage over 10 GB per day may be throttled down.    You will still be able to stream movies, etc., but visual quality may be lower.  
  • Premium Internet & password must not be shared with other guests or visitors.  
  • It is impossible to guarantee download speeds, but if for some reason doesn’t serve your needs, please notify us immediately and we will refund your money.