Doggie Approval

Doggie Approval

Doggie urine kills the sod!

Pets are a beloved part of our families, and when they’re enjoying the outdoors, we don’t always realize the effects of their natural habits. For instance, the sod around your gazebo is a fairly confined area, and it will not recover as quickly if it becomes a frequent spot for pets to urinate. This results in damaged patches of grass, which will be less welcoming for future guests, who like yourself, are looking to enjoy the area.

While we fully understand that pets will be pets and sometimes nature calls unexpectedly, we’re looking to minimize any unnecessary wear on the grass. By taking your pets to the dog park, instead of letting them relieve themselves on the sod around your site, we can keep the gazebo’s surroundings as lush and inviting as possible for everyone throughout the seasons.

To get approval to bring your doggies to “restricted sites”, please contact us at (828) 349-5440 or (850) 292-5678 and speak with us.  The process of acceptance is as simple as letting us know that you understand the damage that dog urine will cause, and that you will take your doggies to the Dog Park instead of letting them use the lawn around your gazebo.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation!   

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