What’s New?

What’s New?

What's new at Deer Springs?

Deer Springs RV Park is now on Twitter! 

Site #7 has been widened by approximately 15′, and will now accommodate motor homes up to 45′ long.   5th Wheels and Travel Trailers are still limited to a maximum length of 36′, as your tow vehicle will need some room to hook/unhook.  

We still have grass to put down, and a firepit to install, but it’ll all be ready for you when we open next season in May of 2023.

Newmar Heights, a new and unique place to stay at Deer Springs RV Park!  Click here for more information!

Newmar Heights, a new and unique place to stay!

Maximum stay

We have extended the maximum stay from 16 days to 30 days.  This new rule will become affective for all bookings made for the 2023 season that are made after October 18th, 2022.  If you plan to stay longer than 30 days, you must make a site change.      

Nightly / 7 days / 30 days  (Fall rates are slightly higher)

  • Standard RV Sites – $65 / $60 / $55
  • Premium RV Sites = $70 / $65 / $60
  • Premium Plus RV Sites = $75 / $70 / $65

The gate is just about here!

During the months of October and November, we will be working on the installation of our entrance gate.   When completed, visitors to the park will be issued a gate code to use when entering the park.  

Cement parking pad for Site #1

Site #1 will be getting a large, cement parking pad this offseason!   The pad will be large enough to park a 45′ Motor Home on and still have 15-20 feet of extra pad to put your chairs, tables and Solo stoves on.  The pad will also extend down to the picnic table area as we’re adding 3 cement steps to help you down the incline.  

This new pad will make leveling a non-issue and give you plenty of walking room so as to not drag leaves and other things into the coach.  

This has always been an awesome site, but this improvement will make it one of the best sites we have.  You’re gonna love it guys & gals!  

Specials !!! 

Our booking software requires a minimum 3-night stay, and sometimes a couple of nights will become “orphaned” between bookings.     In the examples below, there are three, 2-night stays that would not be available via the online booking software.   

But these dates can be booked if you call and request them.

  • In the August example, you would check in on August 25th at 1:00pm, and check out on August 27th at 11:00am.    
  • In the September example, there are two opportunities.  In the first example, you would check in on September 21st at 1:00pm, and check out on September 23rd at 11:00am.   
  • In the second example, you would check in on September 26th at 1:00pm, and check out on September 28th at 11:00am.  

For those visitors who live within a couple of hours of the park, this can be a very satisfying and inexpensive mini-vacation!   

You can use the availability calendars located here to browse availability at each of our sites, and hopefully you will find a 2-night special that works for you!   If you are interested in booking one of these 2-night stays, please contact us at (828) 349-5440.

Thank you!

Starlink Internet

On July 24th, we installed Starlink Business Internet and it has provided a noticeable improvement over the ViaSat service we used all of last season.   Starlink had been a wonderful addition to the park, but on December 1st, 2022, Starlink announced that it would cap data usage to 1TB.  

While that sounds like a lot, it’s barely adequate for a park our size.  In an effort to continue providing free Internet, we have blocked streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, etc., as they are the main source of data consumption.  You will still have access to your emails, Facebook, Pinterest, and all your other favorite social media sites.

If you feel you need streaming services during your visit, you can purchase additional bandwidth for $5.00 a day, which will allow you to access all streaming services.  You may purchase streaming capability at checkout time.


Minimum Visitor Age: 

Applies to all bookings made after July 1st, 2022

While we strive to provide a memorable camping experience for everyone, our park is designed with a focus on the more mature visitor. As such, all guests and visitors must be 12 or older.